What Happens When You Report to the OIG Hotline?

After Your Report is Submitted

Once received, your report goes through an initial screening process to determine whether an investigation or other action is warranted.  If you provide your contact information, we may contact you for additional details as needed.

If the matter you reported is appropriate for another federal entity or Smithsonian unit to investigate, we will forward it to the appropriate office.  If we conduct an investigation, the following outcomes may result:

  • If the investigation substantiates a violation of federal, state, or local criminal law, we refer the matter for prosecution.
  • If the investigation substantiates an administrative violation, we provide the results to the appropriate Smithsonian unit to consider disciplinary or other action.
  • If the investigation identifies a control weakness or other cause that allowed the improper conduct to occur, we alert Smithsonian management of this information.

Unless required by law, OIG does not disclose the outcome of an investigation.

The Inspector General Act prohibits reprisal against an employee for making a complaint or disclosing information in good faith to OIG.  Reprisal includes, but is not limited to, adverse job actions such as termination; denial of any bonus, benefit, or training; reduction of salary or decrease in hours; or change in or transfer to a lesser position.